Charlie Puth – We Don’t Talk Anymore ft Selena Gomez


Charlie Puth and Selena Gomez have shared their expertise and have made a well-standard and highly popular song this year Released in August 2016, it has got more than 434 million views that is literally a HUGE number. With over 2.5 million likes and 76 thousand dislikes, this song do have value to stand in the list of most popular and most rated song of the year.

I haven’t seen any other song which has got enough views in just a few months. We all should appreciate the work of both the professionals this time. Being raised in Grand Prime, I think Selena Gomez has learned a special technique of singing right from her early childhood and she appeared as a child in the children’s television series Barney & Friends, Gomez rose to fame as the leading role in the Disney channel series Wizards of Waverly Place (2007–12).

“We Don’t Talk Anymore (featuring Selena Gomez),” that single, received its RIAA platinum honor on November 11, 2016. The certification confirms 1 million in US units; each unit is equal to 1 paid download or 150 streams.

“WDTA” is the fourth Puth single to cross the platinum threshold. Previous “Nine Track Mind” singles “Marvin Gaye (featuring Meghan Trainor)” and “One Call Away” are currently double platinum. Wiz Khalifa’s “See You Again,” on which Puth is featured, is 6x platinum.

Everything was different and unique in the song’s video and I literally liked that because their thinking was totally different and you know, the change is always the best. So, Charlie and Selena have brought a nice change in this song and I think from now, everyone else will try to copy them SKILLFULLY.

Listen below…

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