J Cole – False Prophets


J. Cole officially releases “False Prophets” and as we all know he dissed Kanye West and Wale. J. Cole has been the talk of social media for the past few days, firstly he drops an album out of nowhere, secondly he disses Ye and Wale.

The song “False Prophets” video is the best “riding on a bus” rap video this side of OG Swaggerdick’s “Nigga on the Bus.” While it is still only available for viewing as a part of Cole’s 40-minute “Eyez” documentary, the song is now available to listen on iTunes, Spotify, Apple Music, SoundCloud Go, and all streaming platforms.

Wale has replied J Cole diss in his own song “Groundhog Day” but Kanye has been silent, he might or might not respond. That’s for us to find out soon.

Spin the song below and download on iTunes


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  • J. Cole’s been silent for 2 years then pops up outta no where with this fireee!! These “lil whatever” rappers are trash compared to J.Cole idc what anyone says.